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It's the two styles that we can't seem to escape on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. So, which one will it be to take the gold metal for interior trends in 2018? Is the Classic Farmhouse going to continue its rule or will boho chic step in and take the prize?

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Hello, and welcome home!

I can't tell you enough how much I am loving the boho theme. And although it is not a new style, it does seem to be growing in popularity this year already. However, as many of us know here in AZ, Arcadia seems to be keeping that famous Farmhouse style. (Which I also adore!)

But want to see more of is a mixture of the two, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share some inspiration I have found that shows, this mix could be what takes over 2018!

“Combining the two styles just go together so well, that I foresee that being the new trend of 2018.”

Here are some of the Pins I have found that show me why these two styles go together so well and why I think it's going to be the hot new home design trend taking over this year!

*SPOILER ALERT* It is also the style we will be going for in our newest renovation project, at the Claraden Home in South Scottsdale that will be starting here very shortly!

We are calling this style....

"The Boho Farmhouse"

The Kitchen

Source: LoomBrand

The Bathroom



The Bedroom

Source: Anthropologie

Source: The Boho Bungalow

Source: Lady's Little Loves

The Porch

And, as I always say, "Pay Attention to Detail!" Because after all, it is the little details that make a house, a home!

Such As:

Ornate tiled stairs

Hammocks...and Furs of course ;)

Old and ornate doors

And last, but most certainly not least....Beaded Chandeliers

Source: Pottery Barn

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you did please comment and share! :)

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