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What Services Do You Offer?

One of our most frequently asked questions is what services we provide. It is a loaded question because truthfully we offer a wide variety of services. From just one time design consults where you can call or have us come to your home and give quick ideas, all the way to full blown home renovations, new construction and everything in-between! We want to help as much as we possibly can! The best way to accomplish this is to set up a FREE 15 minute "Meet & Greet" phone consult and we can talk about what you are needing/wanting and then from there we can see how we can help! Visit our "Consults" page to book your free phone consult!

Here are a some of our services:

-Phone and In Person Consults.

-Remodel and New Construction Design Boards & 3D Renderings

-Vision/ Pinterest Boards

-Interior Decorating 

-AirBnB Decorating and Set Up

-Full Remodel Design & Supervision 

-Out of state designing and design boards

- & Much More! 

Do You Purchase Homes?

YES! In fact we even purchase homes directly from sellers, cash, and the deal can move as fast or as slow as YOU need it to! We can close as soon as 7 days or if you need more time, we can work with your schedule to close when you are ready! Below are the areas we typically buy our homes, but we are always open to new opportunities, if you don't see your location below please still reach out to us! We may still have a buyer for you being we work with many investors and Karrina is also a Realtor and has access to many buyers looking through out Arizona! 

Areas we focus on:

-South Scottsdale 

-McCormick/ Gainey Ranch 

-Arcadia and Arcadia Lite (85251, 85018)

-Paradise Valley 


-Central Scottsdale, Magic Zip of 85254 

-North & East Scottsdale 

-Central/ Downtown Phoenix  

-And Many More!

Please go to our "Sell My Home" Page for more information and to get started!

Are You a General Contractor?

No, no and NO! Krafted Renovations is a Home Design company, real estate investors, and our owner, Karrina Rotter is an Arizona REALTOR at West USA Realty. We are not contractors and do not act as such. We do however work with a preferred GC who does all of our investment (renovate to resale) projects. They are able to take on private clients with us as a team and are the ones who hold the Contracting Licenses. However, we are 2 separate businesses and if you decide to hire us as a team, you will be paying us both separately. You will receive an estimate and invoices from KR for all designs and fixtures/materials and separate estimates and invoices from the GC for all the work/ labor. On occasion KR can help assist clients with the overseeing of the project in their home renovations with clients preferred contractor however, KR will not do any of the hiring, or scheduling of any of the contractors/trades or make any payments to any of the contractors or trade(s). Hiring and Payments must be made by client to the contractor directly

What is Your Pricing?

This is a very common question but unfortunately not a clear cut answer. Each project and client are unique and vary. We do not have any "set" prices beyond our consult fees which you can find on the "Consults" tab. We will need to start with the free "Meet and Greet" where we discuss what you are wanting, then from there will do an "in home consult" to better understand the space and your needs. Then we will be able to produce a quote that will be specific to you, your needs and your space/ design criteria. Even our design boards are priced differently from project to project being not all spaces are the same size and all require such different elements. We may quote you one price for your home and a different price for your friend's home and this is solely based on the circumstances that the home and each client require as well as what each of your budgets are. 

However, we do not charge by the hour for any of our services except for our timed consults! Design boards are charged a flat rate, per board. Partial remodels are normally a flat fee and full remodels and supervision are priced per square foot of the project. These prices however vary due to the scope of each job. 

Do You Take Out of State Clients? 

Yes! Although not all of our services are offered out of state, we are still able to provide design guidance! We are able to work very well off of photos and videos and can provide design ideas, guidance and even full design boards for you! We have worked with these types of clients before and it runs much smoother than it may sound! We actually love it! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are out of state but still want design help! 

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