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Why Spend More, When You Can Spend Less?

When it comes to renovating a home, or even just remodeling your personal house, you will almost always come to a point where you have to ask yourself the question: "Do I spend more on this, or do I spend less?"

As I get knee deep in designing our 2 current projects. I come to this question on almost every single item, from the tile to the light fixtures. I couldn't help but think, "there is no way I am alone on this!" Being these are renovations with the full intention to put these homes right back on the market for resale, I have to be extremely cautious where I am "spending the money" and where I am "saving the money." So I realized, why not share this with you on the areas you can save money, but still have those amazing finishes that we are all wanting! Luckily in todays world where anything you want is a simple click away, it allows for us to shop around for the best prices! And that is EXACTLY what I am doing!

So with out further a do, here are some examples where you don't have to spend top dollar but you also do not have to sacrifice your design dreams either!

This Dining Room or Kitchen Island Chandelier is a perfect example of where you can save a TON of $$$ and still accomplish the same look!

This image above is the best example I can truly give. Do they look identical? No, but look at that price difference! And in my eyes there is no sacrifice to my vision by going with the left fixture. Both are still beautiful and I'll feel a lot better handing over $260.00 compared to $1,260....who's with me on that?!

Example #2, once again, creating the same look, but holy cow!! Look at that price difference!

These pendant lights are what all the fuss is about right now and it's very hard to find them, #1, in stock and #2 at a decent price! When I saw the left one for under $150.00, I about lost my mind! Once again, it gives the exact same feel as the right fixture but the price of it speaks for it's self.

Plumping fixtures can be a sensitive subject for a lot of people and I don't blame you! No one wants a leaky faucet or one that rusts in 2 months! But at that price, you might be able to just give it a try, read the reviews, and still make an educated decision but you might find a product that is just as great for a fraction of the cost!

Like I stated above, I know that people have some sensitive issues and particular taste when it comes to their plumbing fixtures, but, the option is always there for you to try. For example the faucet on the left has great reviews, and most websites have great return policies. So if you are willing to give it a try you can really save some money on your pluming fixtures by shopping around and being open to newer brands or brands you may have never heard of. You may just find a new, less expensive, favorite brand! :)

The same applies for furnishing/ decorating your home! Just like the fixtures above, you can accomplish the same look with much cheaper options. Sure the Restoration Hardware sofa may have Lexus options, but the Toyota option may be more practical and just as great/ comfortable! ;)

Just like with your finishes and fixtures, I suggest shopping around for your furniture and decorations for your home as well. There are so many great alternatives to the high priced name brands out there and if you're willing to look, I promise the savings will be worth it and keep your dreams alive with designing a house to make it a home!

As always, I suggest being an educated buyer and take the time to read the reviews of not only the fixture but the company as well. Also, read up on the sites you are buying from, their return policies, their customer service care, etc. The last thing you want is to buy something you can't return if it turns out to be a dud.

Three of my favorite sites I use ALL the time to find my cute but affordable items:




I hope this helps for you to know that you are not alone and please, do not think you are being "cheap" because you don't buy the high end items. At the end of the day, you only have a certain budget and you do not have to sacrifice your designs because you think you can only buy the name brands. There are other areas in renovations and remodels that you CANNOT go/ be cheap on, so save your money for those items and then cut back on others like the pendant lights or the bathroom sink, etc.

Please if you like reading these types of blogs and would like to see more of them, let me know! Also, let me know what other types of things pertaining to renovations, construction, real estate in general, that you would like to know and I will do my best to answer or get a post done about it! :)

Thanks so much again, and make today a GREAT day!

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